The Grand Radiation

This poem-on-demand was written for Richard, who asked for a poem on the topic of “Love”.

Radiating out in all directions
And piercing me
Entering me through every cell and pore in my body
And emanating out through all those same cells and pores
Love is so much bigger than a poem
Being everything
But can be pointed to
If we can find a way to point in all directions at once.

Love is everywhere
And is ineffable
You can’t touch it, can’t feel it
Except through that oh-so-subtle
Spiritual faculty
That knows that love is present
Tears can be the proof
That we are feeling its radiation into us
And/or out from us

It will never stop
Love will carry us forward|
And, finally, carry us across
To that next playground of love
About which we may know nothing
Except that it is there
It is real
Because love never dies.

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