God’s favorite dog

Lorrie S. bought this poem to celebrate her dog Zadie on 12/18.  She loves it and I love it – and we both believe that Zadie loves it.

God’s favorite dog

Elegant, graceful, gracious, grounded
A dog who knows her roots
Knows that she has experienced life
From many perspectives
These other lives peek out
She winks at us
“I am more than you see
Even if you are very perceptive
Very respecting and appreciative of dogkind
Still I am more than you see.”

Yes it’s true that
Barring a major infraction
The general direction of spiritual evolution
Is ever up
Ever more sophisticated
“I have been a human person
Now I am a very evolved dog.”

“I love my Lorrie
She is so good to me
She has no idea
How inadequate was my treatment before her
How disrespectful of who I really am
I never had reflected back to me
The integrity and wisdom and beauty of my soul
You are giving me all of this
And I am remembering who I am.”

“I’m God’s favorite dog
Or so I feel, on a good day
And, based on how she treats me
That’s what my person thinks too.”



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