Opening the heart (poetry on demand for VR, 11/21/18)

When to come and when to go
Who to let in when they knock on the door
These questions can perplex a woman
Answer them wrong and you can get hurt
And hurts to the heart can take a long time to heal
Can make it hard to open up again
So how to reduce the chance of getting hurt
While keeping an open heart?
You need to know who is making the choice
The head or the heart
The head is notoriously unreliable
It fancies itself completely accurate
It prances around the stage like a peacock|
But it’s all empty analysis
And terribly fallible with affairs of the heart
Which it understands not at all
The heart is not about feelings –
The emotions reside in the gut
The one feeling the heart deals in is love
It trades on love
The most love for everyone concerned
In all cases
The spiritual heart wants love
Everywhere and always
And wants everybody to be safe
No injuries, no trauma
The spiritual heart knows what it’s doing
Has an uncanny sense of right and wrong
Not bad and good
But what’s right and wrong for you
So how do you tune into this spiritual heart
Not the analytical mind or the mindless emotions?
Love, love
Love is the answer
You must practice love
Not wait around to fall in love
It’s not about falling at all
It’s a practice of love
You must start by loving yourself
Spend five minutes a day for starters
Thinking loving thoughts about yourself
Wrap yourself in white light of protection
Write down five things that you like about yourself
Call a friend who likes you and ask them to tell you why
Take a bubble bath
And when the analytical mind comes in
And tries to tell you what’s good and bad
Tell it to take a hike
Or when your emotional belly
Says “I’m scared”
Or “I’ll never love again”
Just love her
She needs love more than anybody

You have a bright future, VR
This is not rocket science
You can learn it
Though it will take your whole life
To master it
Start now

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