1. What should my poem be about?  Anything that has your interest.  I’ve written poems about a person’s mother or boyfriend or sick sister – or about her dogs who weren’t getting along.  Or about her new house, that she was not yet comfortable can in.  I asked an on-demand poet to write about the topic my friend and I had just been discussing – how you figure out what to eat.
  2. What do I pay?  Anything $10 or more – you decide.  (Or less if you just can’t afford the $10.)  When I have read you the poem, you pay what feels right – according to the value it gives you.
  3. Where do you set up shop? different places at different times.  Most typical so far has been in front of Earth Fare. I intend to set up across from Jubilee on some Sunday mornings.
  4. When?  Different times on different days.  Call me (828-582-9822).
  5. Can I record my poem? Yes – and it’s highly recommended!  Listening to it in my voice – and sharing it with others – will increase the power of it.
  6. Can I get a poem over the phone? Yes, absolutely, it’s a great thing to do – by phone, Skype (really great), email or Facebook message, all of it works.
  7. Can I book you for a special event?  On-demand poems can be a great addition to a party, festival or meeting.
  8. Does it always look or sound like a poem? Different people define poetry in different ways.  The important thing is that attention is being paid to the words, that it is a fresh and creative expression and that it is more real and direct than most speech.  It may be serious or playful or a walk on the wild side.
  9. What are your credentials? I have 20 years as a Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist and 15 years as an Organization Development management consultant.  For the last 13 years, I have been the working class hero I was always meant to be.IMG_8538
    I have been writing spontaneous poetry since the 4th grade.  One great example of my more modern improv poetry can be found in this four-person show at the Asheville Fringe Fest.