How it works…

5 steps in poetry on demand:
1) You tell me you want a poem.
2) I ask you what you want it to be about, with maybe a follow-on question or two.
3 I surrender to Spirit and let the words come through my fingers into my jim dandy Neo2 word processor.

4) I read you what I have written.
5) You pay me some amount $10 or more (or less if it’s all you can afford) that feels appropriate to you, based on how valuable the poem was to you.
I email it to you by the end of the day and you have a clean, proofed digital copy that you can use as you wish:

  • change the formatting
  • print it out and post it on your wall
  • put it in your phone
  • send it to your friends
  • post it on Facebook

We both go away happy and satisfied.